Thursday, May 19

How I run things here...

Everyone "coupons" a little differently. Here is how I do it... I buy 6 papers and get one insert from a family member that saves them for me. I buy one paper for each person in my household (3) and one for each person that "shops" at my stockpile (3 more). I cut every coupon out of 2 of the inserts. The rest I stack up, stick a sticky note on top telling me what Sunday that insert(s) was from. That way, if I need another coupon, I know which insert to get it out of. Also, the coupons I don't need, I didn't use up my valuable time cutting out. When the time comes to get my coupons ready for the store, I take them out of my binder first, and if I need more, I cut them out of the inserts I saved. I rarely bring my big binder in the store with me anymore. I used to but now I put everything in an envelope for that particular store with my detailed list. More about the blog...

I do the following matchups:
Big Chief

I occasionally post deals for:

Hope you find this blog useful cause it takes a lot of work! lol
Glad you are here!!

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