Saturday, July 7

The Farm Budget: $100/mo.

While my grocery budget is set at $75/wk. I also have a farm budget. $100/mo. Which, isn't much... but it's all we have to work with.
Today we went to Tractor Supply for some feed and well.... let's just say we walked out with a BIT more than we planned to.
We bought Dog Feed, some Deer stuff for Hunting season (Hubby's doing... obviously), some planters, seeds, organic "pesticides", a garden hose and some other assorted garden items.
Our total would have been $229.56, had we not gotten everything on clearance. But... since we did, we only paid $77.52! It pays to shop clearance!
*Tip: Every time we shop for feed we look for bags with holes in them. We found one today that had already been taped up, but since there was a hole and we weren't sure how much had fallen out, they gave us $5 off! All we had to do was ask!
Now we only have $22.48 for the rest of the month. Thank goodness we are stocked up on calf and chicken feed!

$75 a Week Budget: Week 2

Here is week 2. I was able to stay under the $49.97 mark and get back on track.
Here is what I bought at United for $39.98:

1- Sister Schubert's Rolls   $3.49 (I had a Free coupon)
2- Turkey Hill Sweet Tea   $1 each (used $1/2 coupon from 6/3 RP insert) = Free after doubling
1- Heinz Vinegar   $1.79 (used $1 coupon from 6/24 SS insert) = Free after doubling
1- 4lb. bag of Imperial Sugar   $2.95 (used 75cent coupon from = $1.45 after doubling
1- Hot Shot Ant Spray   $1.99 (used $1 coupon from = Free after doubling
2- Capri Sun Big Pouches   $0.79 each (used $1/2 coupon from Facebook) = Free after doubling
2- Land O' Frost Deli Lunch Meat   $2.50 each (used $1/2 coupon from 6/24 RP insert) = $1.50 each after doubling
1- KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce   $1 (used 75cent coupon from 6/24 SS insert) = Free after doubling
1- Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal   $2.50 (used $1 coupon from Facebook) = $0.50 after doubling
1- Dozen Eggs   $1
1- Nesquik Powder Packet   $1 (used 50cent coupon from 5/20 SS) = Free after doubling
2- 5lb. Chubs of Lean Ground Beef  $14.99 each = $29.98 for both

After $4.47 in tax I saved $18.77 and paid $39.98. I don't mind since there is $30 worth of beef (we were almost out of meat and hubby was about to flip a lid!) :)
Now I have $9.99 left. I would love to save that for week 3 but i'm almost out of creamer for my coffee and i'm dying for some lettuce. If I make another trip i'll post it at the end of this one. Can't wait until our gardens are ready for harvest... this will save us BIG money!

Here's trip #2:
Total Spent: $9.02 after tax ($3.22 was tax). So we have a whopping $0.97 for next week. Better than nothing!
First, go here and enter the Red River Ranch Free Steak Friday Giveaway. I entered every Friday (for the past two Fridays) and yesterday I got an email saying I won Free New York Strip Steaks! They special cut them to an inch and a half while we waited. The retail price of these was $22.64!!! Hubby REALLY REALLY enjoyed his dinner tonight. We don't eat steaks often because of their price so believe me when I tell ya he was thrilled!
*Notice there is no lettuce. Hubby decided Ice Cream for $2 each after printable coupon was a better route... Well, there's always next week. :)

Monday, July 2

Week 1 of the $75 Grocery Budget

Hansen Beverage Fruit Punch Junior Juice, 4.23-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 44)
My first purchase was an Amazon purchase. I used a $5 Amazon gift card (earned from and paid $5.47 for a 44 count package of Hansen's Junior Juice boxes for Buggy. He gets one juice box a day and looks forward to it. Juice boxes are expensive so i'm always looking for a good deal and for $0.12 ea. I think it's great!

Next was United.
Hubby and I did two separate transactions.
Mine came out to $16.82 and I saved $43.18 and Hubby's was $28.17 and he saved $13.51.

Finally, Walmart where we picked up some items that were not on sale anywhere else. Such as Coffee.... which I have a deep appreciation for, as well as a few produce items and other little things that we needed wanted. That trip cost us $49.57. OUCH!

So.... we went over budget on the first week with a total of $100.03. However, Next week we won't need as many things and if I can keep it under $49.97 we will be back on track.

Hopefully soon we can get a routine down and I won't be getting back from the store at 9:30 pm with chores to do and a toddler to put to bed. Then, I can take pictures of my trips (which is much more exciting to look at) :)

Sunday, June 17

New State = New Budget

One month ago, hubby, I and Buggy picked up and moved to Hardesty, Oklahoma for a farming job.
HUGE Change! There is a Walmart and a United to grocery shop at (and a Dollar General but those deals are rare).
However, United doubles coupons $1 and under! So... since our grocery bill has been MUCH higher up here, it's time to redo our budget. $35 a week no longer seems feasible. Now.... duh dada da.... it will be $75 a week!
Hubby thinks i'm crazy since there is not a CVS or Wags to fall back on and the United deals are quite limited (so far). Maybe i'm crazy but, I LOVE a good challenge. Watch me every week as I show my progress in detail. Can't wait to start!!

Thursday, June 14

Ace Hardware: Hot Deals after Rebate

*First, If you don't have an Ace Rewards Card, I HIGHLY suggest you get one. It's completely FREE! Best of all, it will allow you to do your rebates online. It typically takes me 2-3 minutes to submit mine. No stamps, envelopes, receipts, etc.

Now for the deals:

Bayer Home Pest Plus Germ Killer  $9.99 (Limit 3 Rebates)
$7 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $2.99 each

Bayer Complete Insect Killer for Soil & Turf  $11.99 (Limit 3 Rebates)
$7 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $4.99 each

Safer Pantry Pest Trap 2/pk. $5.99 (Limit 2 Rebates)
$4 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $1.99 each

Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer $12.99 (Limit 2 Rebates)
$5 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $7.99 each

Cutter Bug Free Backyard Spray $9.99 (Limit 2 Rebates)
$6 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $3.99 each

Ace Weed & Grass Killer $6.99 (Limit 3 Rebates)
$5 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $1.99 each

Safer All Natural Garden Insecticide or Fungicide $5.99 (Limit 3 Rebates)
$4 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $1.99 each

Terro Outdoor Ant Killer $5.99 (Limit 3 Rebates)
$4 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $1.99 each

Hot Shot Ant Bait 4/pk. $3.49 (Limit 2 Rebates)
$3 Mail-in Rebate Available
Final Price: $0.49 each

*There are also some great sales happening so I advise you to look through your local ad at if you are interested!
** Don't forget, Saturday June 18th is also Free Paint Saturday! Grab your coupon towards the back of your local ad and have it filled out. They only give away 40 quarts per store so make sure you are early!!

Dollar General: Make your own sale!

This Awesome coupon is on right now under zip code 33480. Use it towards Apparel, Lawn & Garden or Summer Seasonal items and make your own sale!

Tuesday, February 14

Comforts for Baby: My Review

When I was asked to try Comforts for Baby products, I was thrilled! Once again, I love generics. Especially if there are a lack of sales of something or you run out. I still vow that Generics are as good as Brand Name (and occasionally better!) If you haven't heard of this brand, it is sold exclusively at Kroger and their family of stores.

First to try, were the sippy cups. Why? Well because my son said so. He walked around the house with one until mommy finally filled it up. It didn't leak and it was pretty simple to clean, which met my criteria. The only thing they may be able to improve on is that the bottom part (the cup) is one that could easily knock over while you are pouring. This didn't happen to me, but I can see how it could if I wasn't being careful.

Next, were the wipes. Simply because I hadn't gotten to the store yet to pick up the diapers. Let me tell ya hun, they are wonderful! My FAVORITE wipes are ....Huggies... and these definitely replicate those. They have a similar design and are just about as thick. They could be a little bit more moist but other than that they are great! I think they beat Pampers wipes hands down. Some people like baby wipes that are thinner and some like them thicker, etc. Either way, I'd say these are worth a try!

Finally, we made it to the store to pick up the diapers. I won't lie. I pictured them to be thin, tear easily, and not hold much. Not because their generic, but because that's been my problem with every other brand (besides my beloved Huggies). Let me tell ya hun, they weren't! They only leaked once (overnight), they have yet to tear on me, and they aren't super thin! I was very impressed. My son sure doesn't seem to mind them and they have yet to irritate his skin. So in my book these are a winner!
Colton and his Apple in a Comforts for Baby Diaper 
(I thought they only looked at you like your crazy when they hit 13?)

*I was provided with the Comforts for Baby products to test out compliments of BzzAgent. All opinions are 100% my own