Friday, September 9

MEGA Swagbucks Day Today!!

It's Friday once again. You know what that means!! Mega Swagbucks Day!

If you are new to Swagbucks, I seriously suggest you sign up! It is not send out spam, nor is it a scam. (lol I sound like Dr. Seuss!) Swagbucks is the easy way to earn prizes and gift cards by searching the web the way you normally would. Instead of going through Yahoo or Google to do your searches, go through It goes through Google and so you still get the results you normally would, except sometimes you will earn Swagbucks! You earn SwagBucks every now and then (pretty often) for searching, and when you get enough (it really doesn't take long at all!),  you can cash them in for prizes or gift cards! An Amazon e-gift card is about 450 points and I easily earn that in one month or less. It's a VERY simple way to get extra cash or gift cards. Sign up here!
*This website is FREE and does NOT require a credit card.

Some of My favorite Prizes:
$5 Amazon e-gift Card - 450 swagbucks
$5 Paypal Deposit - 700 swagbucks
$10 CVS Gift Card - 1249 swagbucks
and there are SOOO many more!!

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