Wednesday, June 15

Livin' on our Stockpile?!?!

Here it is.... this is my stockpile. There is also a pantry full and several 3 drawer plastic organizers full of health/beauty items.
Now that Hurricane season is here, we have decided to live off our stockpile.
Don't feel too bad for me.... I did this to myself. :)
I'm the one with the big idea to live off our stockpile.... here is my reasoning:
  1. If we lose the stockpile in a hurricane, it will be less devastating if it's emptied out
  2. If we lose power after a hurricane, there will be MUCH less meat to spoil
  3. I live in Texas and it's just to blazin' hot for stuff to be outside (over 100 degrees! Who came up w/ that??)
  4. We are saving up money for when hubby is out of work this winter (he's a farmer) and he might be going to the police academy
  5. We will be able to save at least $200 a month from not shopping
Okay, here is my crazy idea.... I'm going to spend NO MORE than $20 a week at the grocery stores, drugstores, etc. This will buy us milk, and the produce that we didn't grow. I'm sure I will have at least one meltdown during this, lol. Pray for me!! :)

*We live 3 feet from the edge of a bayou, believe me, I am NOT crazy to be this worried about hurricanes.
**It seems to flood if it rains to hard! :)

Oh yeah, Here is my shed stockpile:

This Freezer USED to be organized, ;)

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