Sunday, July 31

Sunday Morning at the Drugstores

I went on my normal CVS run this morning.... CVS Deals seem to be scarce this week :(
They of course were out of the women's razor I wanted but I grabbed the two Skinny Cow Candy bars and used my B1G1 coupon from this Sunday's paper. I paid  .99 plus tax and got  .99 ecb back.

Now the shocking news.... I actually went to Walgreens! For the first time in 2 months. Since the TLC show aired, Walgreens is always out of stock by 8:00 a.m. .... or maybe it's just the one I go to. So... I tried a different Wags today and BEHOLD! A supply of products! Not much... but enough for me!
I found one lone package of the Free after RR  Crayola Markers and two boxes of the Complete Saline which hubby goes through like its FREE! lol.... I knew I shouldn't have told him about that.....
I also bought 3 packs of the Cascade Action Packs (not shown) w/ $1 coupons from 7/31 P&G and got the $3 RR back. However, I have a hate/hate relationship with dishwashers and I refuse to own one. So we gave these to my father-in-law.
So... now I have (2) $8 RR and a $3 RR (I used the $2 RR on the second saline purchase)
I could have done more transactions with lower oop cost... but with my 10 month old and my hubby impatiently waiting in the car... it would have to do! :)

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  1. I too struggle with walgreens, I just drains all of my energy to shop there my walgreens never puts out their sales stickers but the deals are good when they work out.