Monday, August 8

HEB: AWESOME Backpack Deal!!

Kind of an unprofessional picture (Photography was NEVER my strong suit). Anyways, here goes!
There is a Backpack Deal at HEB
Note: I did NOT see it in the Alvin ad, I did this deal at the Friendswood store

So the deal is... you buy a specified backpack $5-$25 and you get 5 items FREE!
Items include: Keebler 100 Calorie Right Bites
                    Mac 'N Cheese Cup (They were out of the brand I was supposed to buy so I got Kraft instead)
                    Hill Country Essentials Hand Sanitizer
                    6 pk. Powerade Play
                    and Quaker Soft Baked Cookies

I grabbed 2 of the $5 backpacks which make for the best deal and got $22 worth of FREE Items!
Hubby is using one of the backpacks for deer hunting crap stuff and I will be filling the other one with school supplies and donating it to Operation Backpack.

*Remember: The Powerade Drinks have a 3 point My Coke Rewards Code on each of them!

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