Monday, August 15

Sign up for Steamy Kitchen Store Newsletter for a $25 Gift Certificate!

Alright, this is a deal I just HAD to SHARE!! If you sign up for the SK Store newsletter, you will be emailed a $25 Gift Certificate within a week or two!
I just received mine today and scored this.... (I'm a HUGE Sucker for anything Paula Deen!!)
I only paid $4.94!! The shipping was $4.99 so i'm making an educated guess that the Gift Certificate will go towards the cost of the shipping.

Okay, Okay, enough blabbing... here's how to sign up:

  1. Go here and enter to win an Awesome Spice Island Prize Pack! (All you need is your name & email)
  2. Before you submit your entry, Click the box next to "Subscribe to the SK Store email newsletter and get free $25 gift certificate."
  3. Then, you can click "submit entry".
  4. A week or two later... a email will show up in your inbox with your Gift Certificate!
That's it! Then you can go to the Steamy Kitchen Store and pick yourself out something nice and score an amazing deal!
*By the way, I haven't noticed too many emails from this site... so I know there isn't any spam. 
There are also some awesome recipes on the Steamy Kitchen Site if your interested!

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