Tuesday, February 14

Comforts for Baby: My Review

When I was asked to try Comforts for Baby products, I was thrilled! Once again, I love generics. Especially if there are a lack of sales of something or you run out. I still vow that Generics are as good as Brand Name (and occasionally better!) If you haven't heard of this brand, it is sold exclusively at Kroger and their family of stores.

First to try, were the sippy cups. Why? Well because my son said so. He walked around the house with one until mommy finally filled it up. It didn't leak and it was pretty simple to clean, which met my criteria. The only thing they may be able to improve on is that the bottom part (the cup) is one that could easily knock over while you are pouring. This didn't happen to me, but I can see how it could if I wasn't being careful.

Next, were the wipes. Simply because I hadn't gotten to the store yet to pick up the diapers. Let me tell ya hun, they are wonderful! My FAVORITE wipes are ....Huggies... and these definitely replicate those. They have a similar design and are just about as thick. They could be a little bit more moist but other than that they are great! I think they beat Pampers wipes hands down. Some people like baby wipes that are thinner and some like them thicker, etc. Either way, I'd say these are worth a try!

Finally, we made it to the store to pick up the diapers. I won't lie. I pictured them to be thin, tear easily, and not hold much. Not because their generic, but because that's been my problem with every other brand (besides my beloved Huggies). Let me tell ya hun, they weren't! They only leaked once (overnight), they have yet to tear on me, and they aren't super thin! I was very impressed. My son sure doesn't seem to mind them and they have yet to irritate his skin. So in my book these are a winner!
Colton and his Apple in a Comforts for Baby Diaper 
(I thought they only looked at you like your crazy when they hit 13?)

*I was provided with the Comforts for Baby products to test out compliments of BzzAgent. All opinions are 100% my own

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