Friday, September 16

Bil Jac Dog Food: My Review

I was asked to test out Bil Jac Dog Food by BzzAgent recently. I willingly accepted. I knew that it was a healthy dog food brand but that's as far as my knowledge went. I wasn't sure if my dogs would like it or if it would even make a difference.
Since picking up my FREE Bag (thanks Bil Jac & BzzAgent!) I tried out the two bowl test. I placed one bowl of Nutro Dog Food (which they are currently eating) and a bowl of Bil Jac. I thought dogs being dogs they would find a way to scoot the bowls together and eat both, lol. But they actually both of them went straight for the bowl of Bil Jac! I don't know if it was the fresh Chicken smell (10 lbs. of Real Chicken in every 15 lb. bag!) or that it was new, either way they liked it! I'm anticipating what is to come. I have heard great things about this dog food. Healthy skin? Shiny coat? Who knows! I'm just glad they like a healthy dog food!

Would you like to try Bil Jac? Leave me a comment (with your email address) and I'll pick a reader to receive a $10 coupon! That makes the smaller bag only $6.99 at PetsMart. Which is a great price to try it out!

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