Monday, September 19

My CVS Trip 9/18

Here is Week 2! Most of it.... :). I also bought Gold Emblem Candy Corn ($0.99 this week with $0.99 ecb back!) but I couldn't get it out of the house give it away fast enough.

Other than that, I only did the baby deal this week since I am well stocked on everything else.
I bought:
4- Pedialyte $4 ea. (Thank goodness for a sale! I was OUT!)
1- Huggies Little Movers  $9 (I know the slip-on diapers are a better deal but I cannot begin to express how much I hate them....)
1- Gold Emblem Candy Corn  $0.99

I used:
4- $1.50 printable coupons (must sign up)
1- $2 Huggies Little Movers coupon (from previously purchased Huggies Jean Diapers package)
1- $1 off Jumbo pack of Diapers coupon (from CVS Magic Coupon Machine)
$6.69 in previous ecb's from Week 1

Final Price: $12.77
ECB's Earned: $10.99
Left on Gift Card: $6.09

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