Monday, October 31

My New $12.55 Digital Camera!!

So, Sunday Morning (before deal shopping) I was going through my super full email box (is that what you call it?) and I see it. The email i've been waiting for.... My Office Depot Rewards had arrived! YAY! I bought a ton of batteries, bottled water and paper when they were free after rewards, plus i'd turned in my fair share of old ink cartridges. So I had a nice chunk back, were talking $123.80 back!

 I knew i'd been wanting a new digital camera. A skinny one that would fit in my back pocket, that had a charger vs. real batteries, and that took pictures quickly (Cause with my one year old, you don't even have time to blink when it comes to picture taking).... I'm sure i'm preachin' to the Choir on that part :)

So back to the camera.... After I told hubby how much we were getting back in rewards, he was more than happy to wake up and head over to Office Depot (men and electronics, i'll never get it.). When we got to the camera section we looked each one over closely and I finally found the one I wanted.... but after closer inspection, there was a clearance model (clearance, because it was the only one left) that was the same thing, but more mega pixels (whatever those are) and better this and that yadayadayada.
Well for $30 cheaper I was sold, as was Colton who was sooo ready to leave by this point. We also grabbed two 8G SD Cards on the way up to the register because they were on sale too (from $35 to $14.99 each!). Once at the register we are told that only the display model was left. Sooo.... we would get another 10% off! YAY! We off course bought the protection plan as well (once again, a one year old + Camera does not = Good)  So after handing over my reward certificate my final total came to.......  $12.55!!  Ta-Da!
And it takes great pictures, hence my receipt picture above.

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