Friday, November 11

Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara and Baby Lips Lip Balm: My Review

I have used Maybelline Mascara for years. So, when I was chosen to test out two of the new Maybelline lines of products: Lots of Lashes Mascara and Baby Lips Lip Balm, I was thrilled!

The Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara I was most excited about. It looks about the same as the one I have used for years. So... I had high expectations for this one. First, I took a picture of my lashes before any mascara was applied...

.... and after.

I can't say that it clumped less than my usual mascara, but it did do a good job giving me the look of more and longer lashes. Plus.... I absolutely LOVE the applicator!
It is a mini brush that really does brush through my lashes.

This product is a keeper! In fact, I just tossed it in my purse to replace my old mascara. Thank you Maybelline!

Next, the Baby Lips Lip Balm. They come in four colored shades and two clear shades. (Can you call clear a shade?) I chose the Peppermint one, which is clear.
So... here is my lips before....

..... and after. Definitely shiny and moisturized.

This one is a keeper too. It does its job and I like that I can apply it like a lipstick. I have seen my share of lip balm products that you have to apply with your finger and I certainly would rather not have to apply it that way. (Where are you supposed to wipe it off when your done?) Thank you Maybelline for a fully thought through lip balm! :)

*Although I was provided with the products to test out, all opinions in this review are my own.

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