Tuesday, December 13

Drugstore.com: Oh how I love you!

I, like many parents, want my child to eat healthy. However, there are a few problems that try to get in my way.

1. Kids can be picky
2. Healthy foods are sometimes inconvenient
3. Healthy foods are expensive

Let me first start my rambling by saying that my son is amazing. I know every parent says that.... but he is! He eats everything. He will eat any veggie, any fruit, and anything off the floor.... um... ya. We have to watch him! lol
But, every kid has their moments. The ones that we don't usually boast about. I will put a spoonful of mashed potatoes and carrots (which my son LOVES) into Colton's mouth and he will take two of his adorable, tiny fingers and take the mashed potatoes out of his mouth and throw it onto his tray... or the floor. However... if you put anything... and I mean ANYTHING into a squeeze pouch... he will eat it. No matter what "mood" he is in.
Which brings me to point number two. This crazy invention that houses veggies and fruits of all types in a convenient squeezable pouch is expensive! At $1 a piece (ON SALE!), they quickly add up to WAY more than my tiny budget can afford. Especially when I give my sons a fruit pouch and a veggie pouch everyday. We are looking at $60 a month... for 1/8 of his food intake. You also have to add in Organic Milk, Healthy baby friendly dinners, and Organic Crackers or Cookies (Don't judge). It adds up quickly. Is it worth my sanity and all the worrying I do about him getting enough nutrients? Maybe... :) But it sure doesn't make my budget happy. There had to be another way. I scanned site after site and finally found one that wasn't SUPER overpriced on these pouches. Drugstore.com. They had (or maybe still have?) a sale that takes $10 off when you buy $50 worth of food. That includes baby food! They also let you combine coupon codes. Plus... if you go through Ebates you will score 10% cash back. On top of that.. they also have a rewards program which will earn you 5% of every purchase. So... a purchase that would have cost me well over $65 at the store (Believe me, I checked) Only cost me $25 after cash back! I also got free shipping from my free Shoprunner membership I scored last week. Plus... I have $1.54 drugstore dollars that I can use towards my order next quarter. I highly recommend you check it out. Also, please remember to go through ebates and use coupon codes when you check out. It will save you SOOO much money! "The Storal of the Mory" (to quote Archie Campbell) is that being a smart shopper, got me a killer deal on items that I normally wouldn't be able to afford. Check out  what my $25 got me...
*No... the Gerber Graduates are not that healthy... they have a pretty high salt content but are something that I have yet to find a healthier version of so until then, I mix them in with foods that are good for him.

**My gushing over Drugstore.com are my opinions and they haven't offered me anything in return for these opinions.... although... that would be great! he-he-he

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