Saturday, July 7

The Farm Budget: $100/mo.

While my grocery budget is set at $75/wk. I also have a farm budget. $100/mo. Which, isn't much... but it's all we have to work with.
Today we went to Tractor Supply for some feed and well.... let's just say we walked out with a BIT more than we planned to.
We bought Dog Feed, some Deer stuff for Hunting season (Hubby's doing... obviously), some planters, seeds, organic "pesticides", a garden hose and some other assorted garden items.
Our total would have been $229.56, had we not gotten everything on clearance. But... since we did, we only paid $77.52! It pays to shop clearance!
*Tip: Every time we shop for feed we look for bags with holes in them. We found one today that had already been taped up, but since there was a hole and we weren't sure how much had fallen out, they gave us $5 off! All we had to do was ask!
Now we only have $22.48 for the rest of the month. Thank goodness we are stocked up on calf and chicken feed!

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