Saturday, July 7

$75 a Week Budget: Week 2

Here is week 2. I was able to stay under the $49.97 mark and get back on track.
Here is what I bought at United for $39.98:

1- Sister Schubert's Rolls   $3.49 (I had a Free coupon)
2- Turkey Hill Sweet Tea   $1 each (used $1/2 coupon from 6/3 RP insert) = Free after doubling
1- Heinz Vinegar   $1.79 (used $1 coupon from 6/24 SS insert) = Free after doubling
1- 4lb. bag of Imperial Sugar   $2.95 (used 75cent coupon from = $1.45 after doubling
1- Hot Shot Ant Spray   $1.99 (used $1 coupon from = Free after doubling
2- Capri Sun Big Pouches   $0.79 each (used $1/2 coupon from Facebook) = Free after doubling
2- Land O' Frost Deli Lunch Meat   $2.50 each (used $1/2 coupon from 6/24 RP insert) = $1.50 each after doubling
1- KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce   $1 (used 75cent coupon from 6/24 SS insert) = Free after doubling
1- Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal   $2.50 (used $1 coupon from Facebook) = $0.50 after doubling
1- Dozen Eggs   $1
1- Nesquik Powder Packet   $1 (used 50cent coupon from 5/20 SS) = Free after doubling
2- 5lb. Chubs of Lean Ground Beef  $14.99 each = $29.98 for both

After $4.47 in tax I saved $18.77 and paid $39.98. I don't mind since there is $30 worth of beef (we were almost out of meat and hubby was about to flip a lid!) :)
Now I have $9.99 left. I would love to save that for week 3 but i'm almost out of creamer for my coffee and i'm dying for some lettuce. If I make another trip i'll post it at the end of this one. Can't wait until our gardens are ready for harvest... this will save us BIG money!

Here's trip #2:
Total Spent: $9.02 after tax ($3.22 was tax). So we have a whopping $0.97 for next week. Better than nothing!
First, go here and enter the Red River Ranch Free Steak Friday Giveaway. I entered every Friday (for the past two Fridays) and yesterday I got an email saying I won Free New York Strip Steaks! They special cut them to an inch and a half while we waited. The retail price of these was $22.64!!! Hubby REALLY REALLY enjoyed his dinner tonight. We don't eat steaks often because of their price so believe me when I tell ya he was thrilled!
*Notice there is no lettuce. Hubby decided Ice Cream for $2 each after printable coupon was a better route... Well, there's always next week. :)

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