Monday, July 2

Week 1 of the $75 Grocery Budget

Hansen Beverage Fruit Punch Junior Juice, 4.23-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 44)
My first purchase was an Amazon purchase. I used a $5 Amazon gift card (earned from and paid $5.47 for a 44 count package of Hansen's Junior Juice boxes for Buggy. He gets one juice box a day and looks forward to it. Juice boxes are expensive so i'm always looking for a good deal and for $0.12 ea. I think it's great!

Next was United.
Hubby and I did two separate transactions.
Mine came out to $16.82 and I saved $43.18 and Hubby's was $28.17 and he saved $13.51.

Finally, Walmart where we picked up some items that were not on sale anywhere else. Such as Coffee.... which I have a deep appreciation for, as well as a few produce items and other little things that we needed wanted. That trip cost us $49.57. OUCH!

So.... we went over budget on the first week with a total of $100.03. However, Next week we won't need as many things and if I can keep it under $49.97 we will be back on track.

Hopefully soon we can get a routine down and I won't be getting back from the store at 9:30 pm with chores to do and a toddler to put to bed. Then, I can take pictures of my trips (which is much more exciting to look at) :)

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