Tuesday, December 6

Private Selection Products: My Review

I've said it before and i'll say it again. I love store brands! Sometimes there is an item you are craving or your children (or husband) will actually beg for. If a coupon or sale isn't available... it's typically worth it to try out the store brand. I have found some favorites this way.

*Private Selection products can be found at Kroger (and their affiliates).  The appetizers typically run $5-$7. There are several to choose from... I chose the Chicken Trumpets. There was just something about them... they are so petite and it's hard to go wrong with Chicken and Cheese! :)

So... I preheated my oven and waited for them to become melty and delicious. Which they did! They were terrific. The chicken tasted like.... well.... chicken! Which doesn't always happen with frozen foods. They were stuffed with bell peppers that still had a little crunch (NOT overcooked, for once) and cheese which... once again.... you can't go wrong with. I loved them! Hubby liked them as well even though he is by NO means a fan of bell peppers. Now nine appetizers for $7 isn't exactly a great deal... far from it. But... you get what you pay for and these are delicious!

Next to try... Pizza! Who doesn't love Pizza?!? Our family sure does. After a small spat in the pizza aisle... I finally won and we got the Barbecue Chicken Pizza.

There are 3 others to choose from and they are around $5 each.  Once again.... I preheated the oven and placed the pizza inside. As I waited, good things happened. The Barbecue sauce bubbled, the cheese melted and the chicken became warm and delicious!

Hubby and I were very impressed with the quality of ingredients on this pizza. It was quite tasty. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the flat-bread crust. But then again... i'm a traditional gal. I'd much rather have a sweet, chewy crust but... it didn't ruin the pizza. It is still quite delicious, especially if you love crunchy flat-bread.

And Finally..... Dessert! It was hard to decide on which dessert to buy. Since I won the pizza spat... I let hubby win the dessert spat. He chose the Apple Crisp. Good choice... I'll give him that. It was slightly sweet, slightly tart, slightly crunchy and all delicious!
Overall, I'd say the Private Selection Frozen Line of Products are delicious. They are quick and some of the products are even party friendly. If you've got a holiday party coming up, I would certainly recommend you trying these out for yourself. You never know!

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